Videographer / Editor

Mike Morelli


Convertible sporting sunshine sponge whose vision glistens and gives rose tinted lenses to our hearts and minds (and who) is constantly finding bright new ways to show how the world sparkles all around us.


Mike actively works with a focus on promoting positive thinking and empowering belief in self and others based on the truth that art and harmony live within us all.


Bridge the communication gate from Alcatraz to Zynga; Bay area video production, photography, videography and final cut editing bring you seriously stunning quality that shouts from the hills.



Little Caesars Pizza, San Francisco Yacht Club, Runner's World Magazine, Toyota, Gail & Rice, University of Michigan Art & Design, MSN Autos, OnTrac Shipping, Young Actors Theater Camp, Twitter, Oracle, SFL Data, The Joanne Pang Foundation, Coldwell Banker. Consummate. Halo, Bollywood. Halo. XOXO Entertainment. Avanti Production Group. Pride 2105 at the Regency.



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