Principal Partner/Designer

Ruben Mancias


Ruben Mancias designs lighting environments for theater, opera, corporate branding, special events, DreamForce, Oracle, Jaguar, Nike, Campari, and other live events. His designs have been presented throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia. He lives in Brooklyn New York and San Francisco.


A visionary event producer with the ability to seamlessly combine the creative, executional and tactical to produce high profile revolutionary events. Highly regarded as an expert event specialist involved in all aspects of event production. Hands-on from ideation conceptualization and strategy development, to creative design and program execution, Ruben's creative talents, extensive production knowledge, musical background, and unparalleled work ethic has positioned him as one of the top event producers in New York City. An innovative thinker that approaches every event by intimately understanding the experience from the viewpoint of the guest, Ruben believes in creating memorable events based on experiential thinking. It is his goal that every event is built upon moments that transition into even greater moments that always leave guests wanting more. 

After eight years in Manhattan, Ruben has held the roles of event director, creative director, ideation strategist, and concept designer. Having built an impressive resume working with top experiential marketing agencies including Mirrorball Group, Momentum Worldwide, and Harris 360 and has produced highly visible events for Lollapalooza, Coachella, SXSW, ACL, WMC, Maxim Magazine, Vogue, Victoria Secret, Details, Paper Mag, SXSW, Sundance, Tribeca Film Festival, SOBE Wine and Food Fest, Bridgehampton Polo, New York & Miami Fashion Weeks, and Art Basel. His client roster includes Hyundai, Oxygen Network, Hard Rock Hotel, Pepsi, Heineken, Jim Beam, Perrier, Pernod, Stolichnaya, Amstel Light, Hornitos, Dos Equis, and Ray Ban.

Mancias Music Career


Mancias is a renowned dj/producer that spanes the continent with his signature sounds, he's played for some of the largest events gloabally.


Ruben Mancias is changing the way people listen to House Music. With his heart-pounding, rhythmic drum beats, pulsating grooves, and mesmerizing harmonies, he has excited the ears of even the toughest music critics. For over 15 years, Ruben has attracted hordes of serious dance music fanatics from around the globe by seducing them over and over again with his amazingly beautiful music.


His creativity may be witnessed seaming in and out of every mix and melting out on to the dance floor. His passion for music goes far beyond any DJ booth or recording studio. Proving that dance music comes from the soul, Ruben's talent of expressing human emotion, spirituality, and life's lessons through his music has allowed him to gain a huge following of devoted fans around the world.


This intimate connection has helped him build a loyal fan base that is un-wavered by time or distance. Devotion the brand, born in San Francisco, is Ruben's vision for bringing a diverse group of people together under one roof. Whether straight, gay, black, white, man, woman, or ...... the gathering has witnessed every walk of life imaginable. His philosophy is that music is the common thread that binds us all together. It's the universal language for the soul. Therefore, music has the power to break down all social barriers.


His vision is clear - spread the Message of the music from New York to San Francisco, London & beyond. Originally an East Coaster, Ruben's childhood roots begin from Philadelphia. Ruben's passion for music started at a very early age. Listening to his brothers and sisters' record collections, he became infatuated with different musical styles and sounds, including reggae, R&B, jazz and alternative. Moving to San Francisco in early 1991, he was introduced to a thriving dance scene, an underground musical playground.


Falling in love with house music in it's early years, Ruben's ability to spin and fuse together different rhythms and beats was the thing that propelled him into a highly successful career. After landing his first gig, at the internationally renowned 1015 Folsom, Ruben's career soon took off, making him a "household" name in San Francisco. With guest spots at clubs Tilt, The Corduroy City, Universe, and Spundae, he quickly established residencies at acclaimed parties Lift, PleasureDome, and the notorious Sunday T-Dance at the legendary EndUp. A self-produced radio mix show, showcasing Bay Area house talent, "Nocturnal Transmission", on Wild 107.7, was not far behind. Ruben's career was taken to new heights as he bore the internationally renown Devotion, which has earned a reputation for expanding San Francisco's knowledge of the global scene through guest DJ spots and Ruben's smooth yet eclectic style.


Today Ruben can be found playing regularly around the globe with residencies in New York and back home at the legendary Endup in San Francisco. From the smiles and hugs, to the hyped crowds, the DEVOTION party radiates a positive energy that vibrates through the space, like the drum-induced speakers. Along, with radio spots, as well as global internet mix shows, Ruben is doing what he loves and giving people what they want ~ beautiful music! Ruben's acclaim has brought him back to Europe and on to Asia, for several "Devotion" themed events.


With many new projects in the works, Ruben's career is in full force. His mixed cd "After Midnight' was a best-seller across America. Slaving tirelessly in the studio, Ruben is continuing to develop a unique sound explicit to his creative spirit. With projects like "Let it Rain (Ko Ma Ro) featuring Wunmi" and "My Change feat Michelle Weeks" show that with a veteran ear his dedication to create moving music is what drives Ruben Mancias.


"True Dance Music involves feeling the heart and soul in the deejay's performance. It's the thing that moves you to want to dance."Ruben Mancias.