Avanti Production Group serves a variety range of markets, including concert touring, corporate events, television and film, trade shows, special events, theatre, vectorworks rendering, Weddings, staging and event branding to project managment with a array of event photographers, video editing, filming and design.


Before beginning our design, we work with clients to understand their project goals, budgets, and schedule constraints. 


Our intent is to develop lighting strategies that directly respond to these requirements. Through our involvement in all project phases, we monitor the design process and modify the lighting design, details, and specification to address changes in the architecture or field conditions with project mangament.


At Avanti Production Group we participate in construction phase services such as shop drawing review and supervise the aiming of adjustable lights and the programming of sophisticated lighting control systems.


Whether your goal is to effectively deliver a message to an audience of 500 to 10,000 or add impact to a dynamic intimate presentation, the lighting design of Avanti Production Group is dedicated to providing Award winning lighting design & production to clients with reliable creative  fabrcations,


3D mapping Projections and audio with technical solutions intregrated with project managment.


We have become a leader in the newest lighting technoligies and productions to staging by offering outstanding customer service paired with the latest technology in Vectorworks rendering soulutions. lighting, LED and design.


Our lighting designers draw on years of experience to create the best lighting system for your needs, No event to small or to large for our creative teams.


We bring your vision to "LIGHT"


During the engineering and implement Vectorworks or Sketchup phase, we take all of the approved concepts and put them onto paper to form the facilities and technical documents required to properly build the production and event design.


With Avanti Production Group years of experience in production design with systems and infrastructure. Understanding how components are integrated and work as a singular,


Fluid systems is what we do best. 

Avanti Production Group