Magnitude - CandySkullCreations

Michael Beatty - Event Manager

William Brown - Lighting & Visual Design Director

Laseronics - Kyle Garner + Ponchio Valentino Lucero

Visuals by Three

Benjamin Bustamante - Coat/Clothes Check Team Lead

Andrew Caldwell - Board Member/Demo Space & Guest Relations

Ryan Cordero - Board Associate/Treasury

Element Eclipse - Talent Director

Bryck Flanagan - Production Assistant

Lance Gayhart - Lighting Assistant

Johnathan Lay - Talent Director

Demetri Moshoyannis - Executive Director

Lorrin Mullins - Coat/Clothes Check Team Lead

Tom Barnes - Treasury/Front of House

Bryan Nies - Event Manager/Front of House

Waiyde Palmer - Beverage Manager

Michael Rubio - Board Associate/Production

Tom Tarn - Board Member/Volunteer Management & Guest Relations

4 Kings Security - Security

Nurse Babs - Medical Team Lead

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