XOXO Presents-Gay Pride San Francisco-"The MAIN event"-June 25th, 2016

From the producer of "BEST CIRCUIT EVENT OF THE YEAR 2015" OFFER NISSIM-San Francisco, Matinee Klubberdome, WE Party Prison of Love and WE Party Vogue, Forever Tel Avis Kiss comes Gay Pride San Francisco "MAIN EVENT" Production like you have NEVER seen before at a gay event.

Super Star DJS

Alain Jackinsky Isaac Escalante And performance by Janellie and many more surprises to be announced!!!!! Our production values never disappoint so expect an even bigger show! An odyssey that will fill your eyes with futuristic laser lights shows delivered by none other than Laseronics and incredible jaw dropping LED visuals by XOXO exclusive VJ Rubi + the team of "All Of It Now"

And wow lighting & visual production designed by 3x JustCircuit.Com Award winner William Brown of Avanti Production Group + Felix Lighting. The location will wow you. the production will be nothing short of what events as EDC/EDM and others produced. 11 dancers, custom encrusted rhinestones costumes, custom theme and custom everything.

Exclusive Event photography Marques Daniels + Michael Smith

Videography Director Mike Morelli

The Warfield

Is a 2,300-seat music venue located at 982 Market Street, San Francisco, California. It was built as a vaudeville theater,

Welcome to the BIGGEST SF PRIDE Main Event

Tickets Below:


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