GAY PRIDE SAN FRANCISCO-June 23rd. Saturday Night Main Event. Forever Tel Aviv comes to San Franci

XOXO Entertainment is proud to present Pride in San Francisco Saturday night Main Event from 10 pm to 7 am featuring SAGI KARIV (Israel), Enrico Meloni (Italy), Misha Skye (USA) and oen and only Maya Simantiv Live.

Sagi Kariv is a musical producer and international DJ from Tel Aviv. He is gay in a long term relationship and the father of five-year-old twins. Since he was a child, music has always been essential to Sagi, He was playing the piano and composeed music by heart and in an older age studied classical piano and jazz. Sagi began his career in the electronic music scene in 2007 as a producer of pro...gressive music, and after a few years of production behind the scenes he decided to try the stage and play live at gay parties. First in "Beef" party, and later in 2011 he joined Ohad Haim and "Forever Tel Aviv" where he still a lead resident in Israel and abroad, and the breakthrough was not long in coming. As DJ Sagi plays regularly in Tel Aviv every few weeks at parties in "Haoman 17" Club. In recent years the parties have gathered around them a community of fans and the phenomenon spread its wings and expanded to the rest of the world.

In the world, Kariv plays in the most famous international festivals, including the largest gay festival in the world such as the Circuit Festival Barcelona, ​​the Gay Pride Parade in Madrid, which will be celebrated this year at the main gay pride parade, which is expected to hold about 20,000 people from all over the world. Brazil, and all the major gay parties in Europe. Over the years Sagi developed a musical signature and a unique personal style that combines original work, remixes and special mashups that he cooks in the studio. Sagi's productions combine a variety of styles from the CircuitHouse, Progressive, Tribal and Club Trans scenes, But most of all they express the taste of the Israeli audience, which in recent years has been setting the tone and influencing the new sound of gays in the world, which is characterized by a strong beat alongside exciting melodies. Some of the productions are carried out by a collaboration initiated by Sagi with singers performing original works or carefully selected innovations. Sagi has produced a number of unforgettable Bootlegs Remixes in Israel and around the world, such as the Heatbreak City of Madonna and Mazal by Samira Said Sagi has also been chosen to produce a number of official remixes for artists such as TYP for the hit All of It But Me, for Hovistar with the official remix of the 2016 Eurovision song, and recently collaborated with Dikla in a remix for the theme song from the new album "Optimistic Story" An exciting ending that lifted the whole crowd on their feet. Every few months Sagi edits an official podcast that combines all the new productions and works. These podcasts have gained a large audience of fans from around the world and reach hundreds of thousands of plays and constitute the basis of Sagi's communication with a huge international audience.

Maya Simantov-Super star singer of songs like Everybody needs a man, perfect love, danger love, alone, be my boyfriend etc.

Opening Performance by SF Royalty


International Djs/Producers

Sagi Kariv

Enrico Meloni-Italy

Misha Skye-USA

Award winning production designed by William Brown of Avanti Production Group you'll step into a wrap -around CandyLand experience in a delightful immersive media realm. with over 2,000 LED Hi-respanels. state of the art production in lighting, led & co2 jets and few secret surprises.

(it will be your KODIAK moments

Lasernoics will be at the helm of a mind-blown captivation of laser (THE-GODS of lasers) with over 16 High Tech audience scanners & creative layering in multi facets colors and EFXS, beams, sprays! they are a team of "Laserists" who use many years of experience of creative award winning talent and expertise to create draw dropping laser shows & FX worldwide.

Powered by VISO energy drinks

Creative Director talent Tracey Baumbach of entertainment of dancers GoGoPro Will be creating a all around custom creations wear of costumes to make your mouth water.

XOXO Pride in San Francisco Saturday Night Big Room Main Event.

Largest Venue for Pride-MIDWAY!!! Production Twice Larger than Warfield last year Not 1 Not 2 but 16 lasers show liek Gareth Emerys Laserface first time ever at a gay event 10 GOGO Dancers International Forever Tel Aviv Party Candyland Props and Experience 3 International Super Star DJs Performance by Maya Simantov and opening by SF Drag Royalty Tye

Production designed by award winning designer

Avanti Production Group

Only event open from 10 pm to 7 am. 600 tickets already sold. Cant wait to see you all at XOXO Forever Candyland


Just a taste of a CANDLYLAND experience!

The Midway

900 Marin St, San Francisco, CA 94124


Sat, Jun 23, 2018, 10:00 PM –

Sun, Jun 24, 2018, 7:00 AM PDT

tickets on line sales

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