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William Brown


William Brown is a lighting designer who practices at the convergence of nightclub lighting, theatrical lighting, architectural lighting, Visual production 3d mapping, circuit events and production design with creative fabrications, full color lasers to bring extraordinary results to live performances and environments. With a vast knowledge with over 27 years of experience in automated & theatrical lighting and architectural design,


William has designed lighting for some of the largest circuit events around the globe, White Party (Palm Springs/Miami) with consecutive 18 years, Dinah Shore (Palm Springs) over 16 years, Club Universe/Pleasuredome/King Street Garage over 8 Years, Bourbon Pub Parade (New Orleans) 11 years, FreshSF several years at Ruby Skye as the in house lighting tech and operator. With many years working with Randall Schiller Productions a local San Francisco favorite sound & lighting company establishing some of the best frontend on circuit party’s and special events.


William can be found guest spotting at 1015 as the LD for San Francisco largest nightclub/entertainment venue 1015 Folsom


Notable Achievements

Hotlanta River Expo, (14 years)

1998 - Best Use of Lighting.

1999 - Best Event Production Design.

Best Lighting Designer of the Year.


2014 9th annual awarded winner for the best Lighting Design & Laser/Productions with inductee into the “Hall of Fame”


2015 10th annual award winner 10th for Best production design & staging.


2016 11th annual award winner 11th for Best production design & staging and lighting designs.


Best Use of Lighting for Hotlanta River Expo, and Colony Square Hotel/Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel Atlanta which he received many alley awards for his outstanding recognition on design, production & fabrications.


With the many special events the Folsom Street Events Magnitude Produced by Franco Beneduce. William has been at the realm for almost 20 consecutive years (2016) and associated with the after party’s for Aftershock, (Jito Garcia) and Dore Alley (Bay of Pigs) and Reach a local tea dance favorite.


Alongside the many events he has been the creative force and production design for Play BlackTea another vast local favorite party event in San Francisco Produced by P Tyrone Smith brining you a themed night of visual delights. Superstar DJ Russ Rich and (Susan Morabito) with hands on massages upstairs, great dancer sets with cutting edge visuals & euphoric lighting and lasers. The highlighted moment “Let the Sunshine in” given out over 500 4ft Large Sun Flowers with bright orange glow sticks. it captured the pure love of "San Francisco" nightlife moments.


Then in 2015 He created the ultimate experience with Offer Nissim for San Francisco Pride Produced by XOXO Entertainment (Producer Mansingh Chouhan) It was a full custom design visual and lighting rig working with Offer team Elad Cohen (Think lighting ideas) & Alex Yogi and visuals Three.

( all brillant designers, (Gallery)


It was San Francisco's ultimate experince. Followed by San Francisco's very own Folosm Street Events "Mangnitude" Produced by Michael Beatty this was the event to see and feel the experience,


There was a custom carved head 15ft w x 20ft h center stage with tower truss on each side built within the lighting was Laseronics (award winning lasers) and the lastest in LED technology incoperated with 4 Hi-tech 3DVideo projecters with over 20 layers and visual designs created by Three, It was a full on prodcution. William spent 2 years creating CandySkullCreations.


William began his lighting career just by accident (circa 1990) he was studying to become a fire fighter like the rest of the boys in the family gene pool, William was driving a local Disc Jockey to spin in a major club in Southern California nightclub B-Street in San Mateo By passing time he would play & fiddle with the lighting boards and controls, (HighEnd) one night the owner came up to him and ask hey you want a job doing this every week, he looks with amazed and his future was born,


“The soul was awakened”


Many years have passed and William has skilled in on his love & passion for the use of creative lighting and design (thinking outside the box) at the time the board of his choice was from High End Systems (Intellabeam, ColorPro, Emulator) William was one of the fastest and best programmers & beta-tester for San Francisco and Premier Sound & Light in Dallas Texas working with the CEO Eric Bernstein who over saw the lighting for many nightclubs and venues using the HighEnd controllers (circa 1990),


William’s most favorite the Coemar (Venus M4 UFO the beam lens) it was the “GOD of LIGHT” at Club Universe and using Lightwave controllers. Dubbing it Flyingpig controllers later in the years. sistered with


William interviewed at the Infamous club 177 Townsend June 1992 Gay Pride weekend with Rich Carmichael (GM) and Bill Camillo & Les Dirks (Owners) at the time who hired him on the spot from seeing his very unique style of moving light programs, with the many clubs under this one block “deep” and the largest most beautiful “discotheques” in the USA with the state of the art lighting & custom sound system (Richard Long & Associates) the many forms of this club (He called it Home) Universe, Pleasuredome, King Street Garage, Throb, AsiaSF, Stompy, and the world own! ToonTown & Carefree, all-time favorite party and the most fun party Wicked,


Working along many years with the Infamous production designer & owner of Townsend Audrey Joseph her knack for “perfection” cutting edge and talent, William was the lighting designer for Universe, Pleasuredome, Rhythm, King Street Garage, Throb just to name a few. always working the late-night shift for the weekly events under the 177 Space one favorite was for Mr Drummer event produced By Audrey at 177 Townsend Street also bring you the world famous “Universe” a all-time favorite worldwide,


With the years under him he has consulted and designed the lighting for mega clubs and events for Ruby Skye, The Factory (LA) Bourbon Pub Parade, 1015 Folsom, Real Bad, Sanctuary many more to list,


William was lighting director of operations and design for Mirror Corporation (The Sound Factory) City Nights in the late 90s.


William made a name for himself and was highly sought after by Sandy Sachs  (Dinah Shore) & Mariah Hanson (Club Skirts) and Jeffrey Sanker (White Party) for his self-discipline, complex programming, pushing the envelope on innovation & design, being on time, team player, self-taught designer & programmer with a visual impacted production that had emotion , love and soul.


Several acclaimed years later he was the designer and programmer for (TAFKAP) the artist formally known as Prince Hit & Run (Start: November 7, 2000 End: May 6, 2001 Ruby Skye/DNA Lounge afterhours)



William has crafted his love & pure raw talent around the globe with the many talented artists and waking up the next day somewhere different his eyes have not seen was a lifetime dream with his


“Gift of Light”



Run DMC tour, Grace Jones (Universe), Rozalla, Kookie Watkins, Jennifer Lopez (White Party) CeCe Peniston, Crystal Waters Lonnie Gordon and some of the heavy hitters DJs Paul Oakenfold, Jerry Bonham, Neil Lewis, Sasha, John Digweed, Little Louie Vega, Frankie Knuckles, Aaron O, David Harness, Ruben Mancias, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Kimberly S, Eddie X, Junior Vaquez, Bugie, Phil B, Eddie Martinez, Paul Van Dyk (tour) Tiesto, Abel, Evil Eddie Richards, Jeno, Garth, Markie Mark, Offer Nissim (Pride SF 2015) and so many djs around the world,



William also attended Alameda Technical College January 1990 - Mar 1991 with Certification in Computer Operations and Programming and Santa Rosa Junior College January 1994 - Nov 1995 Stage Craft Design and Theatre Arts Color Design, Production, Lighting Design with Fabrications.


William can be found at UC Berkeley Extension as a Guest Lecturer Bi-monthly Lighting Design 101 Course teaching basic residential & commercial lighting, design, lighting layers, placement & fixture schedules (Sandra Poza: Interior Design October 2005/10)


With the love and passion William  can be found creating some of the largest events globally. with his uniques style, Designs, Custom fabrications,


Familiar with Open GL/Rendering (Silicon Graphics) Auto Cad 2012/LT/12, Bryce 3D and Vector Works, WYSIWYG, Lighting Designers 3D Modeling Tool, 3D Mapping and VDMX, Cinder+


William has made his craft at creating worldwide events and party’s for the masses. William’s very stylized lighting & design creates emotions & love from his soul bringing the performances to life.


“beyond imagination and perception”


With the many years in lighting William focused more of his love in 1985 to architectural residential & commercial lighting design. William Boast about creative design he says a home is like a theater it has emotions, life and feelings with many layers of light its bringing you to telling


“A Story with Light”


William can be found in San Francisco working behind the scenes as the lighting director for some of the largest events & productions. And keeping fit he works for Fitness SF as the front desk operations, while training & working out heavy for the Tough Mudder Event in September 2012 with Heavy Weight MMA trainer Roman Troy & Vincent Vaughan. He says it’s a daily duty to getting better in life & keeping fit. It’s just not exercise it’s a healthier choice lifestyle.


As the Chief architectural lighting design for Light ME Up Turn Me On William Loves what he does and his works have paid off and Recognized by Home and Design for over four consecutive years (2003/2006) for a custom creative low voltage monorail and custom blown glass pendants from Italy using blown glass recess trims and layering lighting design techniques in a residential application.


William foundation for lighting is used in conjunction with

  • Night Clubs

  • Music/Circuit Events

  • Tours

  • Special Events

  • Awards Shows

  • Movies

  • Music Videos

  • Corporate Events

  • Image Brandings

  • Entertainment Complex’s

  • Stage Performances

  • EDC/Raves/Events/Festivals

  • Fashion Shows

  • Television & Movies

  • Theaters

  • Residential & Commercial

  • High-End Gallery’s


If you are planning an event, nightclub or some remodeling for your home William is available for a client consultation service with concepts, designs and complete innovation in technology of lighting created in Vectorworkd 3D rendering.


William formed his own lighting company (circa 1990) called (intelligent lighting system design) also called (ILSD) for short with the many focuses of design, lighting innovations, production design with creative fabrications,


William has currently integrated his company with Ruben Mancias Principal Partner/Designer from NY Avanti Production Group a new West Coast production company focused on LED lighting, 3dmapping projections, staging, sound, lighting design, hologram projections, production & fabrications, Vector-works renderings, corporate events & image branding and project management.


William can bring your vision to "Light"


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